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Wood Products

Wood Stoves – A freestanding wood stove can be made of cast iron, steel or stone and come in a wide selection of sizes and styles finished in porcelain, enamel and paint. Today’s stoves are very efficient, produce minimal ash, burn longer and use less fuel.

Wood Inserts – A wood insert Installs into an existing fireplace, masonry or factory-built, to improve efficiency and reduce environmental impact. Inserts often have blowers, which can significantly improve efficiency and heat circulation. Blowers are usually mounted on the bottom front or sides of the insert. 

Wood Fireplaces – Modern fireplaces are engineered as a firebox enclosed within a steel cabinet. Air circulates between the inner and outer boxes transferring the heat to your room. These units, because of the way they are engineered can be installed close to wood framing in new construction and remodeling.

The wood-burning technology in today’s products creates an optimum burning environment and essentially burns the smoke away. Two types of wood burning products that do this are – Catalytic and Non-Catalytic. Catalytic products have honeycombed chambers coated with a metal catalyst   that works to increase the rate of combustion. The catalytic combustor burns away the gases and particulate that would normally be emitted into the air. Catalytic wood products provide the ability for people to burn wood at lower temperatures for a longer period of time. With non-catalytic wood products, combustion occurs in the firebox. These products are generally less expensive and require less maintenance.

Benefits of Burning With Wood

  • Wood heat contributes to the conservation of the world’s non-renewable fossil fuels.
  • Heating with wood can save you money
  • Wood burning offers an independents and security when the power goes out.
  • They can be a cost effective heating system in the cold months
  • Firewood is readily available in most North American communities
  • Minimum emissions to protect winter air quality

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